Lamotrigine Dispersable

Lamotrigine (Generic Lamictal)

• Lamotrigine (Generic Lamictal) is in a class of medications called anticonvulsants.

How does Lamotrigine (Generic Lamictal) work?

Lamotrigine (Generic Lamictal) works by decreasing abnormal excitement in the brain.

What is the Benefit of Lamotrigine (Generic Lamictal) 50mg, 100mg and Lamotrigine Dispersible Tablet (Generic Lamictal) 50mg, 100mg?

• Lamotrigine (Generic Lamictal) is used as an anti-epileptic medication, also known as anticonvulsant in the treatment of seizures, treatment of bipolar disorder and postherpetic neuralgia.

• Lamotrigine (Generic Lamictal) has not been shown to be effective when people experience the actual episodes of depression or mania, so other medications must be used to help people recover from these episodes.

• Lamotrigine (Generic Lamictal) is used to treat epilepsy, treat seizures in patients who have epilepsy or Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (a disorder that causes seizures and often causes developmental delays).

• Lamotrigine (Generic Lamictal) is used to increase the time between episodes of depression, mania (frenzied or abnormally excited mood), and other abnormal moods in patients with bipolar I disorder (manic-depressive disorder; a disease that causes episodes of depression, episodes of mania, and other abnormal moods).

Lamotrigine (Generic Lamictal) available at BM Pharmacy

• Lamotrigine Tablet (Generic Lamictal) which is to be swallowed as a whole tablet with water.

• Lamotrigine Dispersible Tablet DT (Generic Lamictal) which is to be taken under the tongue and move around inside of the mouth until it is dissolved which then you can swallow with or without any liquid.

Disclaimer: Lamotrigine (Generic Lamictal) information at BM Pharmacy is for informational purposes only. You must always check information with your healthcare provider or pharmacist.




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